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"We wanted to thank you for your amazing performance on our stage yesterday, you had lots of positive comments and helped us entertain many visitors both old and new to the town. Thank you again!" Rachael Wood, Louth Independent Traders

"Considering this is an orchestra with different standards of talent, they certainly put on one hell of a show. I had the pleasure of seeing the group at the North Cotes Christmas concert and they were nothing less than brilliant. David obviously works hard with all the members of the band from the beginners to the most experienced." P. Welsh

"I love the way the experienced, able players mix happily with those finding their feet. David is both exacting and forgiving in rehearsals, improving our playing and getting the best out of us, gently and always with good humour. Great music, good company and plenty of gigging opportunities." A. Clifton, trombone

"Everyone gives you a warm welcome. Even if you haven't played for a long time you are very welcome and no audition is needed." A. Krislaty, clarinet

"David and his orchestra got up and gave a good performance at the Louth Christmas Fair, despite the weather being cold and damp. Put a smile on many faces." K. Hayes, trombone



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